Kannaba Agritech Corp.

Kannaba Agritech Corp., is a private corporation based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada with a license pending to produce medical cannabis by Health Canada, Kannaba focuses on cultivating high-quality, medical-grade cannabis and micropropagation of unique varietals for the medical market. The Company has successfully secured a license to cultivate in Zimbabwe with additional international licenses on the horizon.

Our License in Zimbabwe will allow us to cultivate, transform, and export non-psychotropic and psychotropic medical marijuana and hemp to participating international markets.  
We are positioned to be: 

  • Largest cultivation acreage in the world growing full spectrum cannabis
  • Vertical integration of medical flower and oil
  • Strategic international geographic location for distribution 
  • Low-cost Production that is Scalable
  • Year Round Production
  • Experiences Management

Management and partners are industry veterans experienced in agriculture, micropropagation, botany, biotechnology, compliance, management, and finance.

Company Forecast



To be the missing piece in the Global Cannabis Industry: Kannaba wants to be a global player that commoditizes cannabis by offering large year-round cultivation that is scalable with low costs of production. 



Kannaba’s mission is to grow medical marijuana in an environmentally responsible manner according to Good Agricultural and Practices (GAP) and to follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to produce high quality pharmaceutical ingredients for the domestic and international markets; provide training, services and support to its employees; assist in ensuring the long-term success of local economies and the continuous development of its human resources.

Kannaba intends to be a globally recognized supplier to cannabis market leaders that are focusing on selling medical and pharmaceutical grade products and/or producing branded nutraceutical blends. Kannaba aims at setting a precedent for worldwide standards in the management of medical marijuana and the production of pharmaceutical grade ingredients.




Produce high grade cannabis and tissue culture for the global medical, pharmaceutical, and nutraceutical markets.

Competitive Advantage

For our Indoor Cultivation and our Extraction Facility, we will maintain a sterile clean room environment to ensure we produce only the finest quality medical cannabis. Our facilities will be EUGMP, GAP, ISO Certified, and will follow European Pharmacopeia Standards.

We start clean and finish clean

Science and Genetics

Brain Trust

Kannaba Solution


  • Pre-construction has started on 16,000 Sq Ft ‘Phase 1’ facility in Alberta, Canada On 13 acres. 
  • Secured an Option on an additional 50 acres.
  • Guided by medical research to treat specific ailments.
  • Cannabis production for global medical, pharmaceutical, and nutraceutical narkets.

Tissue Culture & Varietal Development

  • Database of existing varietal profiles and creation of new varietals with unique attributes

Kannaba Solution

Speciality provider to meet underserved and overlooked markets.

Our Team

Kannaba Solution

Expansion Stage Licensed Producer at an Attractive Valuation

The Kannaba Agritech Corp. Opportunity

Kannaba Agritech Corp

Kannaba is a global cannabis company holding various international assets in the licensing, distribution, and cultivation of medical cannabis. Kannaba’s focus is to grow high quality medical grade cannabis indoors and outdoors by using the science of micropropagation of unique varietals to supply the needs for the medical market.  Kannaba will have multiple international licenses to either cultivate, transform, and export non-psychotropic and psychotropic medical marijuana to nationally legalized international markets. 

Indoor Cultivation

Kannaba is a private corporation based in Vancouver, British Columbia and is currently in the process to become a Licensed Producer to cultivate cannabis in Canada in an indoor controlled grow environment that is EUGMP Compliant.  

Economic benefits for Partnering Town

Kannaba believes that building production facilities globally will help to develop unique skill sets for the local labor force, creating a positive environment for further economic growth.